SCARAFLEX at a glance


SCARAFLEX is primarily a soft and pressure sensitive safety skin for EPSON Scara robots. Soft, airtight sensor pads continuously monitor and reliably detect any deformation of the skin. In case of a collision the controller triggers a safe stop and the robot stops immediately. The working sequence of the robot will continue from exactly this point as soon as a person will manually confirm by pushing a reset button.

Where can I use it?

Whenever you use an EPSON Scara Robot you can use SCARAFLEX as well. Typical applications are press feeding or de-feeding, pick and place tasks, product handling for packaging processes or quality control with vision systems. There are no restrictions using the technical options EPSON Scara offers.

First customer installations since quarter 01/2021

Interested? The first customer installations have been running since the 1st quarter of 2021 and we are looking for partners who want to use this new concept in the largest possible production environment – ideally larger companies that want to simplify their processes and make them more cost-effective.

SCARAFLEX – more safety, more options

The new security application,
developed especially for Scara robots

Create fenceless and safe Scara applications due to the unique SCARAFLEX-System

Using SCARAFLEX your robot application can now work in different places

It is an “easy to use” system for your production

For EPSON T-series and LS-series / existing LS robots can be upgraded

Compliant with Cat 3 / PLe and SILCL 3

EASY installation within 30 minutes

To put it simple: use SCARAFLEX to create a safe and fenceless robot application.
With SCARAFLEX you can create and implement new automated handling processes where humans and machines can interact in a safe environment.

Optimal use of SCARAFLEX

Option 1


The SCARAFLEX-System is designed to retrofit with EPSON’s LS Scara series. Optimize your existing processes and remove the safety fence, the SCARAFLEX safetyskin offers you to rethink your automation processes. Safe floorspace, simplify your processes, add flexibility and mobility and upgrade your production.

Option 2


There is no need to buy an expensive 6-axis robot when you can use an EPSON Scara for a fenceless robot application. Safe money, floorspace and engineering time to set up your safe system. You do not need any special training or skills to install and work with SCARAFLEX. A good idea for the next investment!

Exclusive cooperation with EPSON

How could you make excellent robots even better?

Add more flexibility – withthe new SCARAFLEX-System for EPSON Scara Robots. SCARAFLEX represents flexibility:

> create new production standards with fenceless robots
> save money by using one robot for different production processes
> upgrade existing EPSON LS robots to a new level 

Why did we develop SCARAFLEX? 

Working for almost a decade with EPSON as a Distributor, we built up expertise in hundreds of robot applications – and we did listen carefully to our customers voices. It is our mission to understand our customers needs and to create new solutions.


EPSON offers excellent robots at a very good price/performance ratio – the perfect basis to add SCARAFLEX for a fenceless robot application and simple handlings or pick & place processes.

In general

A fenceless robot application will hardly be a highspeed application. So why should you buy an expensive highspeed robot to make it go slow? EPSON offers first class “all in one” Scara robots which work with high precision at a reduced speed – the perfect basis for SCARAFLEX.

Available from our sales partners.

Contact us as the manufacturer for all further information!

Certified to

> ISO 13849
> Cat 3 / PLe
> IEC 62061


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